Sci-Fi Fantasy 
Ages 6-10
Lizette Strait
Author of Children's Book

Marley Perry loves to play video games. She dreams of space travel and finding new friends beyond the stars. Trying to finish her homework, Marley finds a princess had crashed a spaceship outside her bedroom window.
Her adventure with the princess doesn’t turn out as she had planned. Speeding through space, being bombarded by asteroids, and chased by Blobarians isn’t fun. But the princess needs Marley to help save her planet and the king and queen. 
Marley is counting on her lucky pink sneakers to give her an edge when she challenges the Blobarian leader to a game of Cyber Ice. After a devastating defeat in level 1, Marley isn’t sure of anything anymore.

Pink Sneakers Series - Book 1
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5.0 out of 5 stars
Pink Sneakers is a fun read!
By Nelson on June 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Pink Sneakers in Space is a fun romp through the galaxy with young gamer Marley and her new best friend Princess Ally. Kids will enjoy the adventure whether they read at the beach, under a shady tree, or in bed with a flashlight under the covers. It's a story that will leave you wanting to follow the girls on more exciting escapades. Between Marley's nervous jokes and her lucky pink kicks, she's sure to delight young readers who share a taste for video games and space travel. The story is colorfully illustrated which truly enhanced my enjoyment of this book!